The Merisik Meeting

The first step in the malaysian wedding traditions is known as merisik. In order to publicly request the woman’s hand malaysian brides in marriage, the dude’s household visits her home. This enables both families to get to know one another better. A special kind of metal ring called” cincin belah rotan,” which is worn to show her commitment to the marriage, may be presented to her home if she accepts the proposal.

The boy’s relatives will wait some days to see how the bride-to-be reacts once the merisik has been conducted. This is a significant component of the wedding traditions because it demonstrates how the boy’s family values the victim’s choice.

Lastly, the wedding may make his way to make a reunion with the bride-to-be. He’ll be accompanied by his companions and family’s drum-pounding procession, the kompang. Additionally, they’ll be carrying bunga manggar, palm buds made of tinsel that represent success and heath on bamboo poles.

The groom’s families did greet him once he arrives at her home. Finally they’ll transfer him to the pelamin, a armchair set in the center of the bersanding service. The couple may sit and enjoy their initial meals together as husband and wife, where they will spend the rest of the evening treated like royalty. The partners will be surrounded by their visitors who are eager to accept their riches or pose for photos with them during this time.