Whether you’re an in-person or remote worker, effective communication is vital to your success. Virtual meetings are especially difficult to manage. But, by following the suggestions in this article to make them more productive.

Engage the attendees from the start. Begin the meeting by introducing an introduction to the group. For example invite people to share their highlights from the week or a point they found amusing. This helps create a positive environment and helps attendees focus before diving into the agenda.

Make sure you have a designated note-taker at the start of the meeting. It’s easy for attendees to overlook important information during a remote meeting. Making a note-taker record the discussion will help prevent any miscommunication. It’s an excellent idea to encourage everyone to keep notes, so they can revisit the information later and apply it to their work.

In a virtual environment it can be a challenge to avoid interrupting or speaking at the same moment as another person. To avoid this encourage turn-taking, you should encourage the use of “raise your hand” in your virtual meeting software.

Close your meeting with the clearest set of action items. This will ensure that your team follows through with the goals and decisions that you make in your meetings. It’s also a good idea for meeting organizers to provide a comprehensive report of the meeting’s outcomes and action items, ideally within a few hours of the end of the meeting. This can be done via a shared document or by sending an email through your meeting software.