The best board member can make a an enormous difference in the success of your company. The board of directors represents the interests of your company and their decisions could influence the work you perform. If a board is difficult to meet, doesn’t participate in meetings or isn’t in align with your values or the rest of the board it may be time for them to be replaced.

A good board member is one who shares the mission of your organization. Passion for the issues that your nonprofit is addressing will keep board members involved even after the initial excitement has faded. They should also possess some degree of organizational or business proficiency and have a basic understanding of fundamentals of good business practices.

You should look for people with diverse backgrounds, ages, ethnicities, and experiences to fill your board. This will provide your board with diversity and enable you to present alternative perspectives to your leaders. Board members should be able to challenge assumptions and play the role of the devil’s attorney, even if their opinions are based on their own experience.

Request potential board members to tell you how much time they are willing to commit to the board’s work as well as the work of its committees. Many people who express interest in joining a board underestimate the commitment required, and could not be able to perform the job effectively. When vetting candidates, you must identify any other commitments that may interfere with their capacity to serve on your board.