There are many free PC software applications available. If you’re looking for a program to manage a media server, or check the health of your PC, there are plenty of options. These code collections put the dumb hardware in your computer to work, assisting you to accomplish anything from managing your budget to the treatment of cancer.

Websites such as Ninite, Softpedia and MajorGeeks offer free pc software. It is important to examine the background of each site before downloading any application. Certain websites may be compromised and some may be used to spread viruses or malware. It is also recommended to read your company’s IT guidelines before downloading any free software that could be used on a workplace computer.

Shareware, freeware and public domain are three distinct categories of software based on the way they are distributed, copied and used or modified. Shareware is usually a limited version of software that has the option of purchasing the full program for additional features. Freeware software is available free of charge, whereas public domain programs are readily available and can be copied and distributed.

Antivirus tools check incoming emails and files for suspicious content, firewalls can be installed to block unauthorised activity on computers and servers, and penetration tests can be conducted to find weaknesses in the security of a network. These tools can deter hackers from stealing sensitive data or encrypting documents, and then demanding ransoms to unlock them.